In order to become a true human being, one has to know what 'human-ness' actually is. The course at the Priest Seminary enables one to come to such an understanding. A foundation is thereby laid not just for the profession of priest, but for every responsible Profession.

The resolve to become a priest of the Christian Community is not a condition of joining the course at the Seminary. As much as the Christian Community needs people to take on this task and sign up for the training, we nevertheless felt that we should, at least at the beginning of the course, leave this whole question to one side. For the significance of working as a priest in today's world is an entire theme in itself, which we explore together here at the Seminary in a contemplative way.

The only conditions necessary for embarking on the course is the willingness to concern oneself with questions and matters regarding the deeper layers of existence in life; and to find out through personal experience what the sacramental life of the Christian Community has to do with all this. Many people today harbour such wishes without necessarily intending to become priests.  There are a few people however who know that there is a place where one can indeed explore and study such matters in a free way: right here at the Seminary!

We heartily welcome anyone who would like to actively deepen their understanding of everything that lies at the root of our human existence, through personal experience. What we as priests need to know about the human being and the spiritual world is no secret teaching, it is something that concerns all of us. Today everyone has to nurture in one way or another his or her relationship to the spirit, in order to become truly human and be in a position to make appropriate decisions in life. The Christian Community aims to awaken and foster priestly qualities in everyone. In this way the content of the priest training has to do with everybody, regardless of their profession. Every single person can take steps towards getting to know themselves better, becoming their own master and finding their rightful place in the wider Community.

Someone, who at first looked at the Seminary rather hesitantly, later remarked full of wonder: In this place, they are dealing with questions, which are of particular relevance to me personally! Here I feel I can really begin to make steps towards becoming a human being”.
If you are interested in the course at the Priest Seminary, we would be glad to hear from you.  Feel free to contact us and arrange a time for a personal talk.
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Johannes Beurle, who was ordained as a priest on 24th February 2013, writes about his personal experience.

The course at the Priest Seminary prepares students for ordination and for becoming a priest in one of the congregations of the Christian Community.

Kore Brand writes a personal perspective.

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