Conditions of Acceptance and the Costs of the Course

Admission on to the course at the Priest Seminary comes about following a personal conversation with two of the Seminary leaders. There is usually an opportunity for this during an Orientation Week; or it can be arranged otherwise by appointment.

As a general rule a basic requirement for the course is the completion of studies at secondary education Level.

Most students live in the single rooms in one of the two places of accommodation belonging to the Seminary. During the week they attend breakfast and lunch prepared by the house staff. Special allowances are possible by arrangement.

The costs for one year (i.e., three trimesters), including course fees, accommodation and food, amount to approximately 7,500€ (this figure applies to 2016).

Students of the course at the Seminary are eligible for financial support according to the guidelines laid down by the 'Bundesausbildungförderungsgesetz' (or BAFöG, in short).

Student loans
A 'stipendium', or student loan, can normally be applied for after completion of the first year of the course. Loans are granted by the group responsible, after considering all relevant information.

Please also take note of the links to the other training centres in Hamburg and Canada. In Krefeld and other places there are also orientation courses (or pro-seminars).

For all other information please contact:
Tel: +49 (0)711 166 83 10
Fax: +49 (0)711 166 83 24

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